5 Must Have Buddha Sculptures For Your Space

Buddha is the universal symbol of peace and harmony. A Buddha sculpture is the perfect confluence of inner balance and spirituality. Its presence in the house is believed to bring meditative vibes, calm energy and good health. Buddha statues depicting various hand gestures and postures, have become an integral aspect of contemporary home & garden décor.

Read on as we have put together some of the finest Buddha figurines from our wide collection. Sculpted with the same compassion they are carved to inspire, these Buddha sculptures are the most sublime of all.

Eyes closed and a smile on his lips, this Buddha figurine is positivity spelled in sandstone. Its impeccable detailing is a testament to the art and class of our craftsmen.

A Buddha sculpture that serenades its surroundings into a pacifying calm. The magnificent sculpture also stands out because of the unique sleeping posture.

Bless your home décor with this sandstone bust sculpture of Buddha, the ancient figurehead of hope, karma and enlightenment.

Marble has its own tranquilizing feel; add to it the peaceful aura of Buddha and you have the perfect sculpture to embellish your garden or patio.

Pairing this beautiful Buddha statuette with matching décor items is the ideal way to bring life to an empty tabletop or a bookshelf.

Create a pacifying Zen spot in your house with our varied collection of Buddha sculptures and figurines. Drop a message or call on one of our numbers and as described in the karma teachings of Buddha, you will soon get a call back from us. Looking forward to hear from you.



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