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Head – Business Art and Development

Email: alok@mujassme.com

Armed with a  degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bits Pilani, Mr. Alok Jain beautifully blends his artistic expertise with “Karara Mujassme”. He has infused technical precision and improved the quality of all the works of art done by Karara Mujassme.

Under his leadership Karara Mujassme has taken on several beautification projects and flourished Cast Iron as an evergreen industry, which was once a lost wonder. Under Mr. Jain’s command Karara Mujassme has discovered artisans from the Indian subcontinent who extend their talents beyond just canvas painting and use mediums like Marble, Cast Iron and Sandstone.

Mr Jain’s philosophy is that “Every art work by Karara Mujassme should say something and should have an aesthetic appeal.”

An electrical engineer, the dynamic Mr. Akhil Jain looks after the Business Development and Production at Karara Mujassme.  Mr. Jain strongly believed that Cast Iron is a beautifully undermined metal and reinvented it in the form of artistic garden & home decor. With his vision and unstinting hard work, success soon came after with Cast Iron benches being installed at the Red Fort in Delhi.

He has built Karara Mujassme as a recognizable brand and today it has been supplying to the Government of India, hotels, resorts, restaurants, golf courses, bungalows and farm houses all over.

With his eye for beauty & precision, Karara Mujassme has curated an impressive collection of over 500 marble sculptures today.

Mr. Akhil Jain

Head – Business Art and Development

Email: akhil@mujassme.com

Mr. Abhishek Jain

Head – Marketing and Strategy

Email: abhishek@kararamujassme.in

Fascinated by the e-commerce boom, Mr. Abhishek Jain left the comfort of the cozy offices of HSBC & DBS to pursue his dream of setting up an e-commerce venture – KreateKonnect. His experience and acumen in online sales and marketing has made him an essential part of the Karara Mujassme team to develop marketing strategies that are in line with its vision.

As the Head of the Marketing and Strategy team of Karara Mujassme, Abhishek brings with him an ideal blend of perfectionism, hard work and innovation. With these qualities, he strives to market the right products, in the right place, at the right time; with an aim to maximize productivity, minimize the risk and effectively adapt to the fluctuating demands. His insights have helped us decipher the complex online market and made it easier for Karara Mujassme to cater to the ethos of its niche audience.

With a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, Mr. Samyak Jain joined Karara Mujassme in 2013.

Being well versed in Business Management, Samyak’s current role entails end to end management of business with specific focus on bringing aboard new clients and improvement of current operating system.

He has previously interned with one of the leading advertising agencies J. Walther Thompson.


Head – Business Art and Development

Email: samyak@mujassme.com

Savya Jain

Creative Head

With with a degree in Interior Architecture from the acclaimed Pearl Academy, Savya Jain is the creative brain behind many of Karara Mujassme’s upcoming projects. An artist herself with her own brand Savya J, Ms. Jain is set to completely redefine the way we look at our homes and offices. Her sense of style is charming along with her absolutely dedicated style of management.

A marketing enthusiast, Sakshi Jain is a firm believer of the gambits of social media. With a degree in Marketing & Advertising, she hopes to completely change the digital presence of Karara Mujassme. The beautiful art of sculpting marble & moulding of iron has always fascinated her. She’s firmly dedicated to the growth and success of Karara Mujassme.

Sakshi Jain

Digital Marketing Head