The Atlas By Karara Mujassme

Atlas, a legendary mythical Titan God from Greek mythology was well known for his feat of holding the world on his shoulders. He was the god of endurance and astronomy.

The bent knee and the globe supported on the back and shoulder posture is a classic look of Atlas created during the Hellenistic and Roman times. Till today, Atlas continues to be an icon which represents strength and endurance.

“The Atlas” statue by Karara Mujassme is a unique version of this iconic myth, making it a must have for home and office decor. Extremely eye catching, the Greek God Atlas white marble stone statue shows him kneeling on one knee while he balances a massive round globe on his back with his hands raised to hold it in place.


Paying attention to intricate details such as the curls of his hair and beard, the fall and folds of his clothing, the expression on his face to the fascinating globe with intriguing figures, are all carved with precision and passion.

This mesmeric piece of art is highly durable and the white marble stone enhances the beauty of this visually appealing statue.

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The Centaurs By Karara Mujassme

The Centaurs, famed for being half-human and half horse are one of the most famous creatures from the Greek mythology. They were great warriors and were often illustrated with bows and spears. They were ‘free spirits’ with love for life, food, wine, women and sensuality. The battle between centaurs and gods or heroes, “Centauromachy”, was popularly depicted through sculptures in many ancient Greek buildings, particularly temples. 

Karara Mujassme has created its own graceful rendition of these amazing creatures from Greek mythology with skilfully carved marble statues. The Centaur statue by Karara Mujassme personifies power, wealth, and exuberance; and is perfect to add to the artistic appeal of your home decor.


Taking creativity to the hilt, with attention to detailing and fine finish, this white marble stone statue is ideal for decorating or gifting options. This piece of art is highly durable and perfect for indoors and outdoors. The white marble stone adds elegance to this visually appealing statue. The statute can withstand all weather condition maintaining its beauty year after year, certainly a gift for the future generations!

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