Alok Jain, C0-Founder & Creative Director

“Art has always had innumerable definitions. We have our own too. One that has been carved & moulded with creativity, passion, and finesse”.

A Mechanical Engineer from BITS Pilani, his passion had always been in Architecture and Landscaping. With his expert guidance, several landscaping and beautification projects have been executed in popular hill stations and public places in India. His vision and leadership has made Karara Mujassme a dependable name in the public sector.

Akhil Jain, C0-Founder & Managing Director

A Computer Engineer from Delhi College of Engineering, his keen eye, and creative vision helped expand Karara Mujassme’s presence in the most renowned hotels and residential areas. Redefining luxury and its true meaning in home and garden spaces has been his vision since the inception of Karara Mujassme.

Samyak Jain, CEO

Samyak Jain has successfully cemented Karara Mujassme as a brand, known for its integrity and distinctive product line. An alumni of Symbiosis University and S.P. Jain University, his knowledge and experience has contributed to the growth of Karara Mujassme, along with partnerships with successful home décor brands like Grand Forge.

Savya Jain, Principal Designer & Artist

Armed with a degree in Interior Architecture from the acclaimed Pearl Academy, Savya Jain is the creative brain behind many of Karara Mujassme’s upcoming projects. An artist herself with her own brand Savya J, Ms. Jain is set to completely redefine the way we look at our homes and offices. Her sense of style is charming along with her absolutely dedicated style of management.

Sakshi Jain, CMO

A marketing enthusiast, Sakshi Jain is a firm believer of the gambits of social media. With a degree in Marketing & Advertising, she hopes to completely change the digital presence of Karara Mujassme. The beautiful art of sculpting marble & moulding of iron has always fascinated her. She’s firmly dedicated to the growth and success of Karara Mujassme.

Maniram, Operations Manager

Mr. Maniram being our operations Manager oversees the day-to-day activities and processes within our organization. Ensuring seamless coordination between various departments is his core strength. He ensures our strategic goals are achieved. He’s known for his infectious smile and impressionable aura. He definitely knows how to brighten up our day!

Avni Jain, International Relations

Ms. Avni is leading our International Relations department. With a focus on establishing Karara Mujassme India globally, she manages our foreign relations. Her existing knowledge of various foreign markets and exceptional communication skills gives our company the edge. Her role ensures she gets to do the one thing she loves; travelling around the world.

Neha Rawat, Marketing Specialist & HR Operations

Ms. Neha is a key member of our marketing team, responsible for executing marketing strategies. From increasing Brand awareness to lead generation, Ms. Neha does it all. She’s also the backbone of our Human Resource department. Ensuring smooth HR functions and operations. In her time off, you can find her trekking through the hills & listening to soulful music.

Shweta Nirmal, Administrator

Ms. Shweta is an integral part of our company. Her organizational skills ensure great communication with cross-functional teams and implementing effective strategies in a timely manner. Her boldness and fierceness is relied on top achieve business objectives, ensuring the company’s continued success. On rainy days, you’ll find her reading a book and drinking tea by the window.