5 Cast Iron Accents to Add An Edge To Your Garden

Cast Iron is one of the most beautiful and elegant element in garden design that appeared centuries ago but is still relevant today. The art of Cast Iron works has been adapted to suit all styles of décor- classical, contemporary, Scandinavian, Bohemian and minimalist, among others. Sturdy and robust, cast iron artifacts can be passed on to generations, never losing their rustic charm.

We’ve put together a list of 5 quintessential Cast Iron garden products that are a must have in your green space. Do share your thoughts at the end!

1. Garden Furniture

No garden is complete without an inviting and comfortable set of furniture. Since it’s meant to be outside, cast iron furniture is the best option to go to as it is sturdy and durable. Cast Iron furniture also comes in various designs most popularly the Victorian era floral designs.

Garden Funiture
                                   Source: Karara Mujassme


2. Signage

In a garden one must also know which way to go and for the rest there’s always a sign. Signage which are ornate or embellished add a charm and an element of surprise in a garden space. Whether or not they lead the way they definitely create a moment of curiosity.

                                                    Source: Karara Mujassme


3. Cast Iron Swings

Hopping onto the garden swing has been one of our fondest memories of our childhood. A beautifully crafted Ornate Cast Iron Victorian Swing adds class and finesses to a garden in addition to giving you the perfect place for reflection and rejuvenation.

                                                                      Source: Karara Mujassme


4.  Cast Iron Gazebo

Gazebos have been adding elegance and class since their introduction to the classic Italian Gardens. Once used as elaborate public displays, Gazebos have found a new place in private gardens and hill-tops. They provide the perfect space for entertaining or even some retrospection.

                                                   Source: Karara Mujassme


5. Cast Iron Pedestals

Pedestals have always been used to accentuate another décor element, be it sculptures or planters. They add a Gothic charm to a space and if placed in a group along with beautiful pots of flowers, can also shape the theme of the garden.


When it comes to cast iron home and garden décor, there is a lot that you can choose from – minimalist bird baths to grand water fountains and grills to garden gazebos, we have got it all. Reach us on call or just mail and we will help you make the right decision for your home and garden.

5 Garden Essentials by Karara Mujassme

A garden is the soul of a house. The green poetry of plants weaves magic and the flowers add colors to our otherwise mundane lives. Our garden is a sacred place where we take a pause from our hectic lives to admire the beauty of mother nature.

As the modern living spaces are getting cluttered and work schedules are getting tighter, most of us aren’t quite able to put together a garden of our dreams. However, getting the right garden look can be done easier than you thought. Karara Mujassme houses a range of garden essentials, designed to make your garden the perfect place to host the fun and games with your loved ones or to dwell in reassuring solitude. Rejuvenate your garden with these subtle headliners and land it an unwavering class.

1. Marble Sculptures

Donning white hues of marble and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this Sitting Lady sculpture pacifies its ambiance with elegance and class.

Source: Karara Mujassme

2. Cast Aluminum Chair Sets

Cast in aluminum and taking inspirations from designs of the Victorian era, our chair sets could light up a royal courtroom and a landscaped garden in equal measures.

Source: Karara Mujassme

3.  Marble Fountains

The musical tinkle of water flowing down carved rocks of a water fountain completes a garden in the true sense. Fashioned out of marble and imbibing the wisdom and glory of a horse, this sculpted fountain is a feast not only for eyes but for ears as well.

Source: Karara Mujassme

 4. Garden Gazebos

Put a classic roof on your outdoors with our robust iron gazebos for your elegant tea parties and reading sessions.

Source: Karara Mujassme

5. Lamp Posts

Perfectly suited to amplify the classical appeal of your garden, Karara Mujassme has in store a series of cast iron lamp posts in several designs and sizes.

Source: Karara Mujassme

Decorating your garden isn’t as tedious and laborious as you would have thought. All it takes is some beautiful Karara Mujassme accents to give the viewers something new to start admiring. Isn’t life just easier when we know how to get things done? Dial us up, we got the rest of it covered.